What exactly does Bazaani do?
Bazaani helps wholesalers and manufacturers sell their products worldwide.
To do this, we visit suppliers directly in Turkey. We take pictures, descriptions and assign article numbers. We help with many things that are necessary for export.

Many suppliers in Turkey cannot register an export themselves and also cannot receive euros or USD. We are the interface for selling their products all over the world. We are currently in contact with over 1800 suppliers and already have over 10,000 products online.

We also have many catalogs that are not online and are only shown to selected customers.
Customers can transfer the money to us with any currency. We check the suppliers‘ goods and if everything has been delivered as discussed, we release the amount for the suppliers. Therefore, the customer has 100% save payment protection with us.

Process as a seller.

You call all kinds of dealers in the world, depending on your language skills. In Germany, England, USA, France, Africa and so on.

We’ll provide you with numbers as needed, then use a script to call the suppliers and use them to establish contacts. We receive a daily report from you, which customers you called and what was discussed. So that you improve with each passing day. Your job is to make offers to customers and to inquire about current searches. Dealers are always on the lookout for specific products; dealers will not know Bazaani yet so it will take some time to build trust.

As soon as a prospect wants an offer, you contact the Bazaani team and create the first offers with them, after a while you will be able to write offers yourself.

Merit / Commission

You are the contact person for your customers, so you will help the customer with every further order and earn money in the process. We note the customer at Bazaani as your customer. No other seller can poach this customer.

You get 3% -15% from sales depending on what the currency is in Turkey, what the raw material price is and how much the customer has bought.
You shouldn’t sell according to the highest commission, but according to the needs of the customer and what is best for him.
We want to build long-term cooperation with our customers and not just sell something once.

As soon as we write the invoice for your customer, we can tell you exactly how much your commission will be. You can be sure it will be between 3% and 15%.

As soon as the customer has received their goods and is satisfied with them, we will pay you your commission. If you are noticed very positively, we will set a fixed salary for your commission, which you are guaranteed to get paid every month. Well worth the effort. It is not possible to determine the exact% of profit in advance as this is different for each product. In wholesale, the calculation is a little more complicated than in retail.

How can you start now?

Contact us to make an appointment by phone. On the phone we will ask you a few questions and see if it suits you and us. Write to us directly on Instagram or make an appointment via the site.

3 ways to work together how you can make money with Bazaani

You call salespeople on our behalf and offer our products. For this you get a commission of 3% -15% as described above.
You do not need your own capital, we will train you free of charge.

You look for manufacturers and wholesalers, take photos and put their products online.
You can decide the prices freely. It is only important that we check the supplier, as we only want serious sellers on Bazaani.

You get a shop from us www.yourname.de and as an independent partner you can offer all products on Bazaani through your shop and thus build your own business. For this you need at least 2000USD start-up capital.


Are you ready to start selling?
We created a course where you can learn in 17 steps how to sell and start working today. It is a free course where you can start right now!